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Linda Delayen

Linda Delayen was born and raised in Missouri and moved to Los Angeles, CA to attend UCLA, where she intended to major in English.  However, the English department at that particular institution was geared toward the pedantic and not the creative.  She fled in frustration to the Motion Picture / Television division of the Theater Arts Dept. and thrived.  Linda is married to a French physicist, and they have a son and a daughter.

Linda's poetry is featured in
a Passage through August's main anthology.

Linda Delayen

Your continuous song
piteous lament of our times
twisting life into
a white-mouse maze
echoing repeatedly
in your private
hall of mirrors.
Note by note
a prison of your own construction
is walling you in.
Someday even the song
will be unable to escape.

 1971 Linda Delayen