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News & Announcements
About the Poets
Rachel BerryRachel Berry 

is an Australian writer and artist in her early twenties who has been writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction for almost two decades.  Her favourite authors include J.R.R Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, and Robert Jordan, as well as the poetry of e.e. cummings and Sylvia Plath.  A lot of her poetry is about everyday things, which she regards with an underlying fascination for their common beauty. The simple things are often the most interesting to write about. 

Rachel is a digital artist and web designer. 

Rachel's work first appeared in a regional anthology of emerging poets.  She has been a featured poet in the previous iteration of Passage through August.


Pris Campbell Pris Campbell

began writing poetry in the fall of 1999 and has been published (or has poems pending publication) in such print and e-zime publications as Limestone Circle, Blackmail Press, Verse Libre, Niederngasse, The Dakota House, Muses Kiss, Peshekee River Poets, Verse Libre, Short Stuff, MiPo Weekly and Digital, Lotus Blooms, The Dead Mule, Women of the Web Anthology, Best of MiPo Anthology and the yearly International War Vets Poetry Anthology. She has placed first or second in several regional and intra-board poetry competitions. Previously a Clinical Psychologist and sailor/traveler, illness has forced her to temporarily park her vagabond shoes. She makes her home in the greater West Palm Beach, Florida , USA.

Visit Pris at her website Poetic Inspirations


Alexandra Ekkelenkamp 

Alexandra Ekkelenkamp

Born 1982, Alexandra is still a young poet. Being of Dutch origin, English is her second language, but it’s hardly a barrier anymore. Her obsession for the written word started when she was aged 5 and began to read. Sometimes she wrote poems for her family and friends, but her personal poems only started to come in 1996, when she'd just turned 14. She won a poetry contest once and since then, she’s had the strange notion that she actually writes poetry worth reading. Having had several workshops and being stimulated by poets such as W.M. Stoneking and Christina Conrad, she’s finally finding her own voice - in which she’s always growing.

Recent publications include being featured at Kookamonga Square, in the June 2001 issue of literary e-zine Gangway, in WORDSPACE and at Blackmail Press. Forthcoming: some poetry in part IV of the "In Our Own Words" anthology series and in the November 2002 issue of Blackmail Press.


Renee Carter Hall Renee Carter Hall

Renee Carter Hall's poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous print
and online publications, and her poetry has been nominated for a
Pushcart Prize.  She has also served as editor of the poetry journal Limestone Circle, which ceased publication in 2002 after four successful years.  She lives in northern Virginia with her husband and welcomes correspondence at renjef @


Raechelle YballeRaechelle Yballe 

was born in the Philippines, the daughter of a beauty queen and a golf addict. Flung to the remotest corners of the Midwest, she currently lives in Akron, Ohio where she works as a judicial clerk.  Though her cynicism has flourished with each daily contact with her friends in orange jumpsuits and chrome manacles, she nurtures the hope that someday the whole experience will become excellent fodder for a profitable screenplay. She is also a lawyer.

Editor's note: Rachel's work has appeared in the literary publication Montage, as well as in spoken-word performances in Syracuse, NY, where she was a poetry-slam finalist.

About the poets


Jonathan Bohrn Jonathan Bohrn  

lives in Long Beach, CA which he considers to be the best place on earth.  Maybe it's the music, the people and the seagulls.  Maybe it's because they let him get away with loitering in neighborhood coffee shops hoping to incite poetry readings and getting free lattes.

Jon's work has appeared in numerous print and online publications, some of them quite reputable.  His work was nominated for a 2008 Pushcart Prize.

Write to Jon (he can't read)

Visit Jon's on-line chapbook site Contemplating August.


Linda DelayenLinda Delayen  

was born and raised in Missouri and moved to Los Angeles, CA to attend UCLA, where she intended to major in English.  However, the English department at that particular institution was geared toward the pedantic and not the creative.  She fled in frustration to the Motion Picture / Television division of the Theater Arts Dept. and thrived.  Linda is married to a French physicist, and they have a son and a daughter.

Editor's note: Linda's poetry has been published by L.A.C.C. Press and Limestone Circle, as well as on-line through Poetry Superhighway.  UCLA's Department of English has included her poetry in classroom instructional material.  Her writing success also brought her a lyrics contract with Beechwood Music, a Capitol Records subsidiary.


Anne Fraser Anne Fraser

was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. She has moved around a little, from Seattle, Washington to Canada, to California and then back to Seattle. Anne began to write seriously in early 2002. Her work has been published both nationally and internationally.

Anne has a degree in Law and Justice from Central Washington University and works as a legal assistant. In her spare time she draws a little, writes poetry, a little haiku and has attempted a short story or two. She looks forward to spending more time with the pen as life allows.



Heather LongHeather Long 

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Heather Long was raised and educated in Hamilton, Ontario, and is presently living in Studio City, CA.  Following twenty years as a political speech writer for Calgary City Council, and with the help of what she considers guiding hands, she has rekindled a desire to write poetry, and to share it with others.

It is her belief that the healing power of poetry will spread commensurate with the effort individual poets make to share their words, and she is also keenly aware that the responsibility lies with her to create a life that will help make such a vision possible.

Editor's note: Heather has been Featured Poet at just about every L.A. and Orange County, CA venue in the last few years, most recently at The Comedy Store in L.A.  She has also read in Austin, Seattle, and Denver.

She was awarded first prize for two successive years in the Shadyvale Press International Poetry Contest (1999 and 2000), and third prize in the Christina Sergeyevna Anthology Awards at the Austin International Poetry Festival (2001).

Heather's work appears in numerous anthologies, including six selections in Poetry the Write Way, and one in di-verse-city 2000 out of the Austin, TX.  Her own chapbook, Befriending the Hydra, was published in 2000.

Her on-line publishing credits include Creekwalker, Mentress Moon and Stirring.  She was named Poet of the Month by Poetry Down Under.

Visit Heather Long at her website Small Reflections


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