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News & Announcements
About a Passage through August:

a Passage through August is an illustrated poetry anthology about our continuous striving to master this experience we call "adulthood" and its accompanying impressions.  The anthology's poets and artists provide perceptive, insightful views on how we face our issues of identity, expectations, culture, aging and loss during our ongoing journey through life and maturity.  

Edited by Jonathan Bohrn, the new anthology currently features the work of 9 contemporary poets (Rachel Berry, Jonathan Bohrn, Pris Campbell, Linda Delayen, Alexandra Ekkelenkamp, Anne Fraser, Renee Carter Hall, Heather Long and Raechelle Yballe) and selected works by influential classical, contemporary and emerging poets many of which are future anthology partners.  Our work is graced by the illustrative contributions of over 20 photographers and artists.

a Passage through August is an ongoing project - more flexible than a book, but definitely not an e-zine.  Updates are usually annually.  Jon looks forward to his responsibility as editor, which means he can constantly be on the lookout for new poetic talent.  After all, we chose a big subject, and there's plenty for everyone to say!


Contributions and copyrights policy

a Passage through August proudly recognizes the contribution of all its artists and writers.  We respect all copyrights and will not knowingly use material without their creators' knowledge and permission. It is our firm belief that this publication receives its value through the voluntary contribution of others and would be diminished where this contribution is not recognized.

While we make every attempt to properly credit all work, some contributions, particularly those occasionally listed as those of unknown artists may need proper recognition.  Please contact us in case of errors and omissions, and we will make prompt effort to correct them.

Jonathan Bohrn, editor

News & Announcements
December 2013:
Technical updates to the site.

Updates have been made to the design elements to allow the site to display correctly with web browsers of the 21st century.  (Yes, it's been a long time since the last update.)



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