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Forever dancing, we are neither lions, nor scarcrows, but tin men dancing for our hearts - Daniel Sendecki
Daniel Sendecki poetry ©


I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains.
I do not wish to go below now.

Henry David Thoreau (1817–62)




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Chapter I - Passage
Kintyre (Ekkelenkamp)
simile (Bohrn)
Summer Song (Berry)
Among the Colors (Yballe)
Fall (Bohrn)
spaces (Bohrn)
Mirror (Sylvia Plath)
Beauty Is (Long)
carmine (Bohrn)
Santa Cruzan (Yballe)
light emerging (Bohrn)
mass (Bohrn)
Athena (Bohrn)
At the Dock (Fraser)

Chapter II - Heritage
The Old Questions (Hall)
Sound Memory (Yballe)

instinct (Bohrn)
estrangement (Bohrn)
man without myth (Ekkelenkamp)
Fujian Exodus (Yballe)
diversity (Bohrn)
Album II (for the two mums) (Ekkelenkamp)
my offer (Delayen)
glass (Bohrn)
practice makes perfect (Delayen)
flying (Bohrn)
Old Woman Hair (Fraser)
Men at 40 (Donald Justice)

Chapter III - Times, lost
café noir (Bohrn)
boats (Bohrn)
Matt's Manifesto (Bohrn)
late August (Bohrn)
days of passage (Bohrn)
V (e.e. cummings)
reflecting (Bohrn)
At Season's End (Delayen)
Long Beach Winter (Bohrn)
leaves (Bohrn)
Memphis Zoo: White Tigers (Bohrn)
content (Bohrn)
Offering (Hall)
Cat's Eye (Fraser)
cat at your door (Bohrn)

Chapter IV - Roofwalking
Integration : Youth (1984-1987) (Ekkelenkamp)
century (Bohrn)
Art Lessons (Campbell)
game (Bohrn)
Naming of Parts (Henry Reed)
to a coil of razor-wire (Bohrn)
American Beauty (Long)
shoulder (Bohrn)
Vienna, December 1999 (Bohrn)
A Separate Order (Fraser)
abruptly (Bohrn)
Shelter (Ekkelenkamp)
seasons (Bohrn)
Potential (Hall)
Journey West (Bohrn)
Sakura (Bohrn)
Magda (Fraser)

Chapter V - Returns
blinded (Delayen)
the writer, a cynic (Bohrn)
of experience (Bohrn)
Oceanside II (Colors) (Bohrn)
Ohio (Bohrn)
in passing (second time) (Bohrn)
The Space Between (Fraser)
bottles (Bohrn)
wait (Bohrn)
lemons (Bohrn)

Easter Island (Ekkelenkamp)
shores (Bohrn)
interlude (Bohrn)
Chasing Sunsets, Part Two (Delayen)

Chapter VI - Footfalls
I. (Fraser)
Freeing Dead Horses (Campbell)
remembering Carol (Bohrn)
melancholy (Bohrn)
Blues Café (Bohrn)
wing (Bohrn)
(Robbie-1964-89) (Long)
Limitations #3 - AD (Ekkelenkamp)
water's edge (Bohrn)
anonymous (Bohrn)
Sisters (Long)
lines (Bohrn)
Iceberg (Delayen)
Ode to the muse (Bohrn)

Chapter VII - Travelling
masquerade (Campbell)
rampart (Bohrn)
the Germany files #2 - Lullaby for the traveller (Ekkelenkamp)
Lorelei recalled (Bohrn)
cry for the hawk (Bohrn)
The River-Merchant's Wife - A Letter (Ezra Pound)
Travelling (Berry)
realization (Bohrn)
I was here (Delayen)
last days of May (Bohrn)
What I feel (Hall)
departure (Bohrn)
Travels with Jane (Bohrn)

Chapter VIII - Tomorrow
Merry Go Round (Delayen)
illumination (Bohrn)
thought for Thursday (Bohrn)
The Dancer (Fraser)
Santa Monica Pier (Bohrn)
Powerless (Delayen)
Oceanside IX (Loon) (Bohrn)
Why I Have Chosen Cremation (Hall)
a triangle of thought (Delayen)
The Cresting (Fraser)
Seascape (Bohrn)

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