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Renee Carter Hall

Outside apartment 202,
the little pile of dry cat food
by the threshold--soft Xs,
hard squares--all gone;
only a few crumbs
remain on the paper towel.

I think of old superstition,
saucers of milk left out for fairies,
mysteriously gone in the morning.
Cat who comes in the night, unseen,
what wishes would you grant?

 2002 Renee Carter Hall
Cat's Eye
Anne Fraser    
Small spider crossing
wooden floors,
run quickly.
There is no ransom
for your life,
no charity.
Orange sentinel,
quiet as night,
twitch of eye and tail,
between moments 
she extends;
your breath 
becomes hers.

 2003 Anne Fraser

Cat Eyes
Fremont Eyes
Copyright 2001 by Diane Wilson
All rights reserved

cat at your door
come out and play,
my newest friend
there could be things we'd
want to find
ears perked, eyes gleaming
you and I
but we won't have all day --
the sun
rubbing its head on the clouds
has just found
a horizon to chase.

Jonathan Bohrn (1998)
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