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Heather Long

We talk . and discover . forgiveness
buried in the hollow log . left on the
forest floor . of youth

maturity . has become the litmus-test
for secrets . longing . for freedom
from the tomorrow . of our breasts

I understand . that I have always
loved you
Heather Long


photo Earthgarden Art Program


lines of our lives
converging, diverging;
maps' gridlines,
the bars that now keep us apart --
now the lines that you write
journey lonely,
and I don't want to wait
to start reading the words that you say
or remember you near me,
the lifeline in the palm of your hand
that would sway me
each time that you touched
the lines on my face
as I watched you intently to see
the lines of your eyes when you'd smile
just the way only you do
still etched in my mind --
and the phoneline now patiently waits
with me day after day
for the sound of your voice.

Jonathan Bohrn (1998)


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