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What I Feel
Renee Carter Hall

I can understand why we're wired for it.
As the only known species conscious of
our own mortality, that naturally leads to
deities and afterlives, heaven and places beyond.
I understand the people who want proof,
who can't accept the metaphor of wind--
that we feel its effects even though
it can't be seen.
I understand that the tunnel of light
could be entirely biological.
But when I wake up at night
and feel my husband's form beside me
without the need of touch,
as I listen to his breathing,
I can't accept that what I feel
is merely a firing of chemicals
in my brain.


1999 Renee Carter Hall

Silver Mirrors - Cycle 10
Silver Mirrors - Cycle 10
Photograph Itzhak Ben-Arieh -
Chapter 8
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