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Chapter 1
Among the Colors 
Raechelle Yballe

Saffron leaves crackle beneath
The punishing weight of his heavy soles
As he walks amidst Demeterís sorrow
Imbibing in the nutmeg air
Parabolic giants stand before him
Consumed by vermillion tongues
Like the Phoenix ablaze
Sanguine foliage and chestnut carpet
Along the lonely, meandering road
Reveal Summerís defeat

© Raechelle C. Yballe


Autumn Dreams
© 1999 Steven Fletcher Radzikowski


Understand the language
of fall, approaching:
Cold mornings
drawing your bundled warmth;
sailing-leaf afternoons,
the enchantment of melancholy,
departure etched
in the bronze of light
whispering with the wind;
its shimmering tones marking time
like the strike of a gong,
soft, yet insistent.

© Jonathan Bohrn (2000)
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