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Chapter 1

photo © 2000 Bernard Tribondeau
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Ilford Prix du Jury Noir & Blanc
Summer Song
Rachel Berry

The smell of a spatial fog,
Blurring the shine of the morning.
An emergence of brilliance!
Nose wrinkles in recognition of a new day.
Fresh rays upon yesterday's pink skinned shoulders,
Flywire only serves as a sounding board for irritants -
Monotonous melodies.
Bathing in the morning,
Cool splashes with an afternoon afterthought.
Icy mother fills the blue-tiled oasis,
A grove of trees, peace, and towels.
Unknown insects shrill their songs of lust and coupling,
The urgency is enveloping.
Fragrant eucalypts conquer the hot smells -
Dust, sweat, sunscreen, chlorine and laundry.
Concrete sears feet and melts a forgotten ice-cream,
Reapplication is my clock.
Every hour, on the hour,
Invisible shade smears over my skin.
I grow weary,
Food and flies are my main concern.
Still in my bathing-skin, draped waist,
A salad of words from friends eating together,
Saving none of the daylight,
Instead, we savour every minute,
Use it up as it comes.
Thirsty for more,
We will live the same tomorrow.

© 1999 Rachel Berry
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