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Indonesian Youth: Influences
composite graphic, Marco Tovares
Integration: Youth (1984-1987)
(for Stoneking)
Alexandra Ekkelenkamp

The wings of this symbol,
bronze Eagle of the Republik,
are the seal
of a childhood lost,
spent in khaki, singing
            “Indonesia Raya”-
not with gamelan, but Western trumpet…
Children learn this:
  sing not Nina Bobo –that is for mothers-,
            sing national anthem
  let no kite fly through dessa-sky,
            reach heights in Army
  love no more, control lust,
            ideal families have two children:
                        1 boy
                        1 girl
after one, maybe two
years, children
will know no more,
will dress march sing think
           write in unison-
will be ignorant…

Is it then a sin that I,
            white flower on foreign Island
should think and write and
of these things?

He says “you’re too young
to write this- go write Joy, Youth, Ignorance”
        -      I cannot.

For the wings of this symbol,
bronze Eagle of Maturity,
sealed off my childhood,
spent in summer dresses
with babu and mommy,
gamelan and Western trumpet…
I learned this:
  be not ignorant,
            guard Feeling,
  think freely,
            do not be mislead,
  Know of Life,
                   of Bronze Eagles
                              and the ideals behind them.
© Alexandra Ekkelenkamp 1996-2002
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