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German countryside , road and Volvo
German scenery with Volvo
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the Germany files #2

Lullaby for the traveller
Alexandra Ekkelenkamp 

The landscape is a patchwork quilt
and the Volvo is a cradle
silver ribbons that pretend to be rivers
are the threads that keep
the patches of green together
if you reach out with
your finger and your thumb,
you can feel the lush softness of treetops
-but beware of churches
the tips of their towers will sting you
and wake you from your soft sleepiness
still there is no need to worry
the pastels of picturesque houses
-their pinks, creams, yellows
will lull you to sleep
and the car will softly, slowly rock
with an engine humming
that German tune you love so well

Alexandra Ekkelenkamp 1996-2002
Chapter 8
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