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Chapter 1
...your wisdom enthralls me...
Athena  1996 Sandra Stanton


Athena, I really don't think
I could love you --
your wisdom enthralls me,
you can discuss
any subject at length
and never look once in my eyes;
goddess of love and of war,
you hang both in balance
from judgmental scales
that you call your heart,
your bronze shield of graciousness
shields you from unwanted touch,
and I don't think I'd live through
the carnage and pain
of winning the prize of your love.
Protectress of culture,
I stroll your apartment-museum,
your wintry Athens,
bewaring of gild-adorned urns
and dreading the sight
of my ashes in maybe
the next one ahead...

Jonathan Bohrn (1998)
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